Descripción de la Oferta

As a summer camp you are a role model, friend, trainer and hero to campers aged 6-18 years (depending on what camp you work at). The main role of a camp monitor is to be a surrogate parent for a group of approximately 12 campers and be responsible for overall supervision of their campers, and ensuring their wellbeing and safety whilst enjoying the fun and rewarding experience. As summer camp monitor you will be with your campers most of the day running and supervising various parts of the day including meal times, afternoon sports activities, crafts and projects, evening entertainment activities, and waking up / putting to bed (monitors sleep in The same room as the kids). Each monitor will be assigned a specialization depending on their skillset: Multiactivity, Watersports, Horse Riding, Tennis, Football, Music and Dance, TEFL Monitor, and Nursing.